This project was an opportunity to analyse and evaluate my own portfolio of work to identify gaps. I discovered my portfolio lacked conceptually strong storytelling to convey a message to a specific target audience. Its after realising this that I started to write the script of Love Yours.





Love Yours deals with how we often try to escape our real problems by diving into a fantasy world we create for ourselves. It shows characters who go through tough times, and discover that running away doesn't solve things. Instead, the film suggests that when they face their problems, they can find strength and happiness. The movie is a reminder for young people, that life can be tough, but it's important to appreciate it and not just settle into complacency. Its intention is to inspire the audience to live fully.

The concept is inspired by the J. Cole song "Love Yourz" The lyrics explore the idea that true happiness comes from within, J. Cole encourages listeners to embrace their own circumstances, flaws, and struggles and to find joy in the simple and meaningful aspects of life. While the meaning behind the lyrics is similar to the film concept, it's slightly different. The song deals with the appreciation for the things in your own life while the film's concept deals with the realization that you only have one life and that you deserve to love it for everyone who couldn't love their own life.


I knew that my main objective was to inspire my audience through them seeing themselves in the characters and story of the short film. My biggest problem was how to do this with no time for character development or dialogue between characters in the short film format. Considering I just had just over a week to film and edit the whole film, realised the fastest and most effective way to tell a relatable and inspiring story is to have characters deal with and partake in things that the audience deals with in their own lives. Theme's of love, guilt, and the desire to escape the often overwhelming life we live in.



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