The task involved utilizing data visualization to tackle a pressing societal concern, specifically focusing on the negative impacts of social media. The solution was a website that visually represented the data, providing users with insights into their social media habits in a creative way.





BeReal hosts live events where people create genuine connections. each is given one chance to take a single picture. The pictures' metadata will be analyzed, looking at data such as when the picture was taken and which artist appeared in Picture. This data will be visualized in a live interactive timeline during and after the event. This timeline will appear on BeReal Microsite specifically for the event where attendees can search for their BeReal Moment.


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The BeReal event offers a departure from the digitally curated "perfect reality" of modern life. It encourages participants to embrace their true selves at the festival, fostering genuine connections that contrast with superficial online interactions. Traditional social media often leads to unhealthy comparisons, while face-to-face interactions at events like festivals create lasting memories and real bonds. The excessive use of social media can contribute to loneliness, emphasizing the importance of authentic relationships for mental well-being.

BeReal leverages the unifying power of music to bring people together, using data in a unique way compared to other social media platforms. The event captures the progression of shared experiences at festivals, highlighting the collective buildup to a climactic moment that unites everyone. By utilizing this data, BeReal aims to prompt self-reflection on the value of real-life connections over virtual ones, with the ultimate goal of living in the now. In much the same way that Bereal allows one candid picture a day, the message is live in the moment, 1 shot 1 chance.

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